Friday, February 13, 2009

Everything had hearts on them!

HALLMARK HOLIDAY HALLMARK HOLIDAY! February 14 has nothing to do with the saint Valentines, I think it was just another day for him. He woke up, ate breakfast, and went to perform miracles? Christmas- Jesus was born, Santa moved to the north pole, and department stores decided to stay open later. Easter- Jesus died, but the Easter Bunny was born to take his place! Valentine's Day is just a very good reason to buy the most mushie gushie stuff, and be romantic once a year. Once a HAVE TO BE romantic....WOW. Valentine's day is also known as "Single awareness day". No one to spend it with, no excitement for the weekend,a very good time to go to the club, and very bad time to go to your favorite reasturant. I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY <3>Single or taken, there's alot of planning anf loving thought. The most important reason is that everythings RED and Singles of the world why not look at this day as a to express love to anyone! There has to be someone in your life that you know without them your life would just be you and the world. Yes mush is nice to have, who made the rule that you can only have one type of love? Hey! What about love for yourself? If you're dreding february 14th, then you might not even like yourself as much as you thought you did! So ladies and gent go out and buy you're self a huge box of chocolates, rent a tear jerker, and enjoy just another day.

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