Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday hours

Old ladies I can't make the prices cheaper than they already are. If I look in the back and tell you we don't have anymore and the three other people you asked because you didn't believe me say we don't have anymore-WE DON'T HAVE ANYMORE. Why would lie to you? We need to sell our products. And pre-teens don't be surprised when I tell you your total, this isn't a Denny's you don't get a discount. You didn't want to come to the mall with your mom because you wanted to be cool. Not my fault you can't afford anything. Please stop asking for extra bags...we have 100s of people come in every hour. When I say "sorry we can't give out extra bags", don't give me a look like I stepped on your foot and you bit into a lemon. If I could give extra bags I would, as many as you want, even one more so you can put one over your face. For that one lady who thinks they're smart and shoving the sign in my face, because I'm not giving her the sales price. Lady it says right on the bottom "EXCLUDES: what you are handing me and I keep telling you is not part of the sale." We are not hired to not help you, we know where everything is in the store, what certain products we have, and sales. So when you walk in after we greet you and ask you if we can help find something; why run away or ignore us. 1st of all we just want to tell you about the sales so you can get the most of your money, 2- we see you stand in the middle of the store looking like a lost cat ready to be hit by a car,3- when we ask you again if you need any help and you just leave. What you were looking for was right next to you. But of course you would have known that if you didn't run away. Last thing I swear. You. Yeah you. The one that steals and returns the stuff we know your doing it. We just want your counts of shop lifting to be so great you'll be sent to prison:]

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Hippo_Lee_toe said...

I love it
Way to vent!