Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like the 1st sip of Soda...

This is a blog about "self doubt". What can i say I'm a girl, like dandelion in a garden of roses. I'm not the smartest of the bunch, but I'm a pretty damn bright yellow crayon! Welcome to the semi-daily blog of unspoken emotions, don't worry readers interesting posts about my day will come geez. "You try to hard" and "... take advantage of you" are phrases that make me want to trip an old lady in the street[just kidding-really]. But I don't know why people just can't understand there are still good people in this world. Now ladies and gents this is not a statement saying I have NEVER "sinned", cursed, hit someone or push someone down a flight of stairs...ok I REALLY never done that-but I've thought about it! Anyways...being sweet....I think that's not the way to go in life...but I can't help it >.<>

Monday, November 17, 2008

Surgar Coated Goodness

Some people call me childish, and some think I'm too serious. I know when it's time to be serious sir, please do not judge. Those who are too serious die faster and those who think too much go crazy. i have already gone insane, so that factored out to make me live longer. I have an "Happy-go-lucky" aptitude, but I don't live in a bubble. Much smarter then I let myself appear to be, so when pulling a fast one- I'm going to trip you.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Blogging your feelings is so 6th grade -laughs- Oh dear Chanel I have become a valley girl shoot me now and forever hold my peace. At this moment I feel that I cannot obtain my goals, big goals or petty goals like stopping myself from eating another bag of M&Ms [fat lover<3] I find myself being down in the gutter taking "Emo" pictures in black and white filter. Not to worry any of my followers if I was a squirrel I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed eating sour patch watermelons. I am reaching out to something that's not reaching back, hanging on a rope with no one pulling, sawing on a see-saw and not seeing, typing out depressing analogizes...-giggle-